Bunk Bed Injuries: Safety Measures You Should Follow

Bunk Bed Injuries

Bunk beds are a leading fantasy among the small kids. They save a lot of floor space and make the room look tidy and clean. It is strange that a small piece of furniture has become a serious origin of various injuries, a kid encounters. However nowadays bunk bed injuries are fetching kids frequently to the doctors. These injuries vary in the degree of their seriousness and can be fatal too.

Behaviour that you should maintain while using a Bunk Bed:

The way a bunk bed is used, can come with a lot of problems. It is found that severe injuries often stem from the kinds of careless behaviour. You might be excited to see the bunk beds for sale this season. But before purchasing one check out on the rules discussed below, to ensure the safety of your kids at home.

  • It is suggested that children less than 6 years should not be left in a room or placed in a bunk bed, while there is nobody around. Parents should be very careful when they leave children unattended with the bunk beds. Even when the parents are around they should be extra careful, with the children playfully tumbling from the upper bunk and getting injured.
  • Horseplay should be strictly prohibited by the parents or the attenders. Care should be maintained even when there is only a single child in the upper bunk.
  • Preferably, you should place only one of your child at the time on the upper bunk of the bed.
  • Keep repeating the bunk bed safety rules to your child every single day. Stay alert when a friend of your kid comes for a sleepover. Keep repeating your rules even if you feel that they have become familiar with it.
  • Restrain your child from hanging any kind of items like ropes, hooks, belts etc. in any part of the bunk beds. Doing this you can avoid the accidental strangulation hazard, when nobody is around. When nobody is around
  • While purchasing your favourite bunk beds for kids, watch out if there are guardrails provided on the top most bunk. Look for some sturdy guardrails.
  • The opening for entry and exit should be single and not greater than 15 inches. The rails on the top most bunk should have a height of 5 inches above the mattress.
  • The ladder, which your child will use to climb up to the upper bunk, should be stout and sturdy.
  • Mattress used both on the upper and the lower bunk should be properly sized so that it does not fall off.
  • The bunk bed should be placed such that it is not too close to the ceiling fan or the ceiling light. Make sure your kid can sit on the top most bunk without crashing his head against the ceiling. Please the bed not too close to the window.


It is widely expected of all the consumers of bunk beds, that they will follow the safe behaviour rules sincerely. Consumers not only should enforce safety rules on the kids but also should follow them themselves, properly. Nowadays, there is a wide range of choices available in the market, and you can choose ones that are made following new and improved construction standards.


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