Get Your Business Started: The 5 Types of Loan to Help Finance Your Small Business


Owners of small businesses often do not have the right budget to get their business ventures going. It is perhaps the reason why small business loans are so popular to small business owners nowadays. Through loans, your business can now have the means to get off the ground or attain your business goals.

Small business proprietors have several options when it comes to the types of loans that they can get to start their business. However, it is important that you know thoroughly about these small business loans for you to get an advantage for your business.

Here is a list of loans that are ideal for financing small business ventures. If you got some time, you must take a read!

Small Business Administration Loans

The Small Business Administration loans have the noble purpose of helping those small business owners establish their startups. The institution has three loan programs that are ideal for applying if you do not qualify for loan applications through conventional credit means.

You can choose for a Microloan, 7(a) loan, and CDC/504 loan program to help fund your small business. If you are a veteran or an active member of the military or you are living in a rural area, you can have easy access to the 7(a) loan program.

The Microloan program, on the other hand, will help you procure the budget to buy your business equipment or product inventory. However, if you are looking for a longer-term loan to purchase assets to expand your business, the CDC/504 loan program is ideal for you.

Working Capital Loans

Working Capital Loans

Working capital loans are for those small business owners who are looking for short-term solutions to problems of their business operations. If you are an owner of a small business startup, you can get this loan through banks or alternative creditors.

The one huge benefit of working capital loans is that it provides you the capacity to run your business smoothly while you look for other means to boost your revenue. The only catch is that you will have to pay slightly higher interest in a short repayment term.

However, you can consult business finance professionals at Ashe Morgan to help you understand more about working capital loans.

Lines of Credit

Another type of loan for your small business is the lending done through a line of credit. You can loan money through lines of credit by making something in your business as collateral to finance a purchase or operation of your business. Most small business proprietors favor line of credit because it is more fluid than other types of loan.

You can use the money from this loan to cover the seasonal salary of your employees or the management of your inventory. Just keep in mind, though, that line of credit is not intended for purchasing long-term assets such as buying a real estate for your business. For you to get the credit, you must submit your tax returns, credit history, and business statements.

Peer2Peer Loans

This type of loan is comparatively a new option for small businesses. In this loan, a company will serve as a facilitator between investors and individual borrowers. The company will link a small business which needs money to a prospective investor. Of course, the company will receive fees for its service as a facilitator.

If you are a small business owner, you can get a secured loan in various loan terms through Peer2Peer lending. What is more, Peer2Peer lending offers interest rates that are lower than the traditional banks have to offer. There is also no hassle when it comes to loan approval as long as you meet the requirements.

Equipment Loans

Equipment Loans

Aside from SBA loans mentioned above, banks and alternative lenders also have their equipment loans. If you get approval for your equipment loan application, you can now have the funds to buy the necessary equipment for your business.

Instead of shelling out big money for a large purchase, equipment loans enable small businesses to pay for the items on an agreed payment term. The good thing about equipment loans is that you will get no hassle to obtain it because the equipment you buy will serve as collateral in case of failure of loan payment.


Looking for funding is the first step for you to establish your small business. For sure, there are various means to achieve this purpose, and a small business loan is one of them. That is why you need to know the various small business loans that can help your business get off the ground.


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